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90min. € 140

VITAMINE - Fully nourishes me.

  • Firming Body Peeling Cream
  • Vitamine ACE Creampakking
  • Full Body massage

Firming, rich body care for dry skin.
Strengthens the resistance of the skin with vitamins A, C & E and protects intensively against environmental stress and aging. Noticeably improved firmness and elasticity of the skin and provides an incredibly soft, smooth skin feel.

LIFTING - Completely rejuvenates me.

  • Firming Body Peeling Cream
  • Lifting Body Creampakking
  • Full Body massage

Shaping, full, intensive lifting treatment for the body.
It makes the tissue tight and improves the tension and elasticity of the skin. Provides a clearer body silhouette and leaves a velvety skin.

Treatments and massages every day from 10.30h to 21.30h and closed on Sunday.

Cancellation policy :

Written cancellations (wellness@parkhotel.be)  for a massage or treatment,  made at least 48 hours prior to reservation, are without costs. 

If you cancel within the 48 hours prior to arrival, 25% of the reservation will be charged with a minimum off  €30 pp at each treatment.  In case of No-Show, a not cancelled reservation will be charged entirely.