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Welcome to Wellness Avenue Parkhotel.


Wellness Avenue is a public wellness and beauty center located in the heart of Kortrijk where wearing bathing suit is mandatory.


The sleek architecture exudes serenity and invites to a soothing relaxation.

Wellness Avenue features in addition to a wide range of relaxation facilities also have a unique formula of beauty and wellness packages.


At Wellness Avenue, where beauty and indulgence go hand in hand ... you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life to enjoy the exclusive atmosphere of the soothing pleasures of a sauna session and / or unwind in one of our relaxing facial or body treatments or during one of our packages.


All kinds of facilities are at your disposal to offer pure indulgence for body and min

Enjoy the soothing whirlpool, intense heat of the sauna, rest and space and also be spoiled by a range of relaxing spa treatments.


We offer the top product Babor for all your treatments.


For your total relaxation and a complete wellness experience you will stay in the luxurious Parkhotel.


Important for your visit !

Some useful tips which are important during your visit to Wellness Avenue.

  • Only exercising shorts for men are allowed.
  • Minimum age is 16 years.
  • put your cell phone or mobile device in your locker and relax completely !
  • Wearing slippers is REQUIRED !
  • You only can book your beauty appointment by mail : wellness@parkhotel.be