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  • An experienced sauna guest brings, in addition to slippers, also becoming 2 towels at a sauna visit. A towel to sit on during the sauna to sweat & on a towel to dry off after a shower with it. Sit on your bathrobe is not very hygienic, you should still keep your bathrobe all day and this can also be irritating to the skin in addition to nasty odors.
  • An experienced sauna guest is with the entire body on the towel, also with the feet. The sweat is different on the banks go what is not very hygienic.
  • An experienced sauna guest listens to his own body. When too much is, it doesn't feel more pleasant or he/she is unwell he/she leave quiet the sauna.
  • An experienced sauna guest saves the rest & silence while the sauna visit. People come here to relax and noisy chatter is not done. It is a sign of respect towards your fellow guests. Also, we let our gsm in the locker in the changing room.
  • Saunas & showers belong together. Before you begin with the sauna, you take a hot shower first so you can enter the sauna pure. During the sauna ritual you can cool off in our ice cave with ice fountain then afterwards with a cold or less warm shower to rinse off. In the end you take a cold shower to improve your blood circulation.
  • Peace, respect & hygiene are our values we carry.
    We therefore ask that each visitor respects these values.
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