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In order to be able to guarantee all of our visitors a pleasant stay, we ask each visitor friendly to carefully read the House rules. Any person who is a guest in the wellness complex of Wellness Avenue is deemed to have read the House rules prior to each visit. Anyone who visits the wellness complex declares to accept the House rules.

  • Everyone from the age of 16 is welcome in the wellness complex. Young people up to 18 years visit the wellness complex must be accompanied by an adult.
  • For our hotel guests: children under 16 years of age are not allowed in the intended only sauna & steam room on the ground floor. Children should always be accompanied by an adult person.
  • Groups over 6 persons are not allowed, except for private rental.
  • Each visitor must register with the wellnessbalie to his wrist strap.
  • The visitor will receive a wristband for his/her dressing table. It is mandatory to wear the strap to stay. In the event of loss, an amount of € 20 will be charged. Getting the wrist strap at leaving the wellness.
  • Wellness Avenue can before the access to the facilities, additional requirements regarding the personal hygiene and attire of the visitor. Wellness Avenue reserves the right, to refuse access to the wellness.
  • If you have heart problems or are pregnant, we ask to submit a doctor's friendly evidence which shows that heart disease or are pregnant no problem and this before the wellness complex to enter.
  • Wearing swimming costumes is mandatory in the wellness complex. For the Lord is a swimsuit/short mandatory, for ladies is a bikini or swimsuit without closed neckline, sleeves and/or pipes. Strings & monokini are not allowed.Wearing bathing shoes is required to move in the wellness complex. Saunas, steam rooms and baths you enter barefoot.
  • Every visitor is considered his/her body thoroughly cleaning in the available spaces, before entering the spa and make use of the spa facilities.
  • Showering is required before taking baths, saunas or steam baths. Showering after using a hot area is mandatory before bathing.
  • After use of toilet, visitors are kindly requested to wash their hands with warm water and SOAP.
  • For everyone's hygiene is required in the saunas with the entire body to sit on a towel.
  • It is forbidden to own drinks and food in the wellness complex to bring in and.
  • In order to ensure peace and relaxation, silence in and during the use of our facilities requested.
  • We ask that everyone respect and refrain from aggressive or racist behavior, unwanted or desired harassment, insults or physical violence. Visitors who do not keep, at the first request of Wellness facilities immediately with Avenue complete payment of all outstanding debts, without any form of compensation or damages.
  • In the buildings & on the sun terrace are subject to a total ban on smoking.
  • The use of mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, cameras and laptops in the wellness complex is prohibited. Taking pictures or audio recordings in the wellness complex (Visual) is prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to weapons, knives, chemical substances or other products in the wellness complex to get in.
  • Animals are not allowed in Wellness Avenue.
  • Chairs and sun beds occupied without using them is not allowed.
  • Personal property should be left in the dressing table. The use of carrier bags is not allowed in the wellness complex on your request we propose a Wellness Avenue carrying case available. Wellness Avenue is not liable for the loss or theft of goods and valuables.
  • For fire safety, it is strictly prohibited to carry out in the saunas aufguss sessions themselves. A potting is only permitted by employees of Wellness Avenue. Put no towels or other textiles to dry in the sauna.
  • Jumping and diving in the pools is prohibited. Walk on wet surfaces is dangerous and therefore not allowed. Wellness Avenue is not liable for accidents and injuries.
  • The management reserves the right to deny a person entry to Wellness Avenue. Access can be denied to persons under the influence of alcohol, narcotic drugs or any situation that can not be permitted in Wellness Avenue.
  • Wellness Avenue is not liable for damage due to technical problems and damage from water-, electricity-& gas supply problems.
Non-observance of the huisregelment has removal from Wellness Avenue, after full payment & without compensation.
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